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A number of Rowena Comrie abstract oil paintings are presented on the right, please click on the images to view a larger image.


Paintings that express the hidden deep emotional feelings that lie buried in us all have been a central concern of Rowena's. She unleashes a powerful emotional force in a positive life enhancing aesthetic. An aesthetic in painting that is informed by vibrating colour relationships and formal balancing. The tension between colours and shapes offers to the viewer both an immediate spontaneous response and considered intellectual reflection.

Rowena was trained in abstract art by Mali Morris, Clyde Hopkins and, although at the end of his teaching career, Terry Frost in the Art Department of Reading University, graduating in 1982. Although she left Art School fully immersed in the aesthetic of abstract art, she has diversified and developed the best qualities of abstract painting into figurative and landscape painting.

In her 28 years since leaving art school Rowena has worked away sometimes in the face of stiff competition for her time and against the attractions of full time employment. The offer of a share in an artist's studio in Aberdeen (1994) was a turning point in that it allowed her to consistently paint. Although the studio could be described as a garret, it was somewhere where she was free to work as, like a writer, a painter best works in solitary confinement.

Rowena has since that point striven to paint as much as possible and has exhibited, lectured, taken commissions and traveled to develop her art.


Carnival - 80cm x 150cm Flip Flow - 107cm x 86cm Futurescape - 88cm x 76cm Jostle - 88cm x 76cm Landing - 15cm x 22cm Lunarity - 20cm x 30cm Open and Shut - 105cm x 135cm Quest - 46cm x 36cm Space Portal - 126cm x 111cm The Sun Never Sets - 122cm x 122cm Cadiz - 152cm x 152cm Capsize [SOLD] - 152cm x 152cm Leeward [SOLD] - 180cm x 180cm Glasgow Colours - 182cm x 182cm Early On Morning - 155cm x 175cm - SOLD Jetstream - 170cm x 160cm Swirl - 152cm x 152cm Listen Up Settle Down - 170cm x 230cm Volcano [SOLD]- 122cm x 122cm Voodoo Like You Do - 170cm x 160cm Walberswick Nights - 92cm x 112cm ZOOM - 170cm x 230cm ‘Force 9’   Oil on canvas   180cm x 180cm ‘Boomvang’  Oil on canvas 120cm x 150cm SOLD Night Falls - 70cm x 70cm - SOLD Nightsailing [SOLD] - 107cm x 107cm

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