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Painting in watercolour is an important part of my practice.  For over 20 years I documented the sea at Aberdeen, painting from the beach in all seasons and weathers, maintaining a watercolour diary.

During 2007 I spent a short time painting in St Ives and Newlyn, enjoying first hand the source of inspiration for artists such as Alfred Wallis and Barbara Hepworth.  St Ives had a special resonance for me as Terry Frost, one of my University tutors, was also a St Ives artist. In 2008 I visited and painted in Southwold and Walberswick, destinations chosen for their connections with interesting artists and also for their art colony history. Last year I visited Staithes in NorthYorkshire, to discover the attraction to creative people.

Artist Colonies have provided inspiration to generations of artists who have found something particular to these locations that moved them aesthetically.  The scarcity of these places unites them and intrigues me to further define the reasons behind their attractiveness to so many artists.  Elements of nature including quality of light, beauty of landscape, and how they shape the character of people would I hope inspire in me a 21st century imaginative response to this historic prerogative.


Blue Horizon - 12cm x 17cm Bute Bay - 15cm x 30cm Midnight reflections - 12cm x 17cm New Year Aberdeen - 2015, 20cm x 50cm The Bells, Aberdeen Beach -  2014_15, 20cm x 50cm Blue Wave Catterline – 72cm x 92cm - £750 Flambro’ Head Lighthouse – 54cm x 44cm  - £425 Catterline [SOLD] – 41cm x 70cm -  £325 Godrevy from St Ives – 60cm x 122cm - £975 Lighthouse Southwold – 70cm x 41cm - £395 Lowtide, St Ives Beach – 60cm x 122cm - £975 St Ives Harbour  - 60cm x 122cm - £975 Staithes Harbour – 77cm x 91cm- £850 Walberswick, River Blyth – 41cm x 70cm - £325 Aberdeen Dawn – 41cm x 70cm - £325 Broads Boatyard – 41cm x 70cm - £325 Choppy Sea, Aberdeen [SOLD]– 34cm x 44cm Diggers, Aberdeen Beach – 20cm x 30cm - £215 HMS Duncan – 41cm x 70cm - £325 Hogmanay, Aberdeen Beach -  20cm x 30cm - £215 New Year Wave Aberdeen – 20cm x 30cm - £215 New Year 2009/10  [SOLD]– 34cm x 45cm Noon Haar, Aberdeen [SOLD] – 35cm x 45cm Pilots House Aberdeen – 41cm x 70cm - £325 Southgates Boatyard – 41cm x 70cm - £325 Tidal, Aberdeen – 35cm x 45cm - £225 - SOLD ‘Ship Ahoy, Aberdeen’  Watercolour  60cm x 122cm £975 ‘Corus form Saltburn’  Watercolour 60cm x 122cm £975 ‘Sun Up Aberdeen Beach’  Watercolour 60 cm x 122cm £975 Bridges - 25cm x 30cm - £250 Captured - 50cm x 70cm - £475 Floats - 50cm x 70cm - £475 IJmuiden Netherlands Harbour Entrance - 41cm x 70cm - £325 IJmuiden Netherlands Harbour Light - 40cm x 30cm - £350 Key Change [SOLD] - 50cm x 70cm - £475 Spring Notes 8 - 5cm x 95cm - £675 Zandvoort Netherlands - 41cm x 70cm - £325


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