American Suite

In April 2013 Rowena was awarded  Professional Development  funding  from Creative Scotland.  This enabled her to accept a Residency opportunity in Bloomington, Indiana USA where she made new work for her exhibition, 'Tiny Diamonds in the Cosmic Sands' at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Centre, in Bloomington.  A further suite of six large oil paintings was shown at the Oliver Winery Downtown Tasting Room, also in Bloomington.

Rowena Comrie's abstract paintings have been described as 'breathtakingly elemental' (Cambridge University 'Futures' 2012).  However, they are also reflectively sophisticated. Those descriptions may appear contradictory, but she makes paintings that express aesthetic feelings and ideas, that reveal the paradox of shaping a contemporary sublime.  Her most recent exhibition of paintings, in the USA, was a major aesthetic assault on the paradox of abstract art: to see nothing, but to see everything at the same time.

She talks about her work in an interview broadcast in May 2013 downloadable here: